Paddington Fandom Wiki

Act 4: Split Up[]

The gang heads into the park and get ice cream but Beavis steals Paddington's cone and shoves it down Butthead's pants Paddington gives Beavis a "hard stare" but there is no effect Mr. Brown splits the gang up into teams of two the others like the idea and split up

Act 5: It's a Small World After All[]

Paddington and David go to the Small World Ride and are enchanted by it they later ride all the rollercoasters in the park and later meet Mickey Mouse who gives Paddington and David each an autograph then they go buy souvenirs

Act 6: Dangerous Magic[]


Mr. Curry takes his nephews to a swimsuit shop to go to the water park Beavis and Butthead put bikini tops on their heads pretending to be Mickey later they anger Donald Duck who won't give them an autograph so they try to rip his head off but only get the mask off which results in them being handed over to the park police along with Steve and Joe who were trying to shoplift some expensive stuff out of the park

Act 7: Disneyland Comes To An End[]


The adventure concludes with the gang meeting back at the gate after getting Beavis, Butthead and Mr. Curry out of park jail Paddington is upset the trip is over but Mr. Gruber tells him they will go again one day then they go back to the airport and head back to England