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Paddington's Disney Adventure is the 1st episode of season 4 of Paddington Bear


Butthead: Beavis gimme the gameboy!

Beavis: NO its still my turn!

(Constant Bickering, Mr. Curry is annoyed at his nephews antics)

Mr. Curry: STOP!

(Everyone in 1st class looks at him)

Mr. Curry: If Butthead can't have it nobody can't

(snatches gameboy away and throws it out window)

Act 1: Preparations[]


Mr. Brown is reading the newspaper and wins 13 tickets for Disneyland, he calls the family and friends up including Mr. Curry who reluctantly goes at Beavis and Butthead's insistence and pack their stuff and catch a plane.

Act 2: Plane Crazy[]


The gang gets on a plane to California all 1st class while Beavis and Butthead cause trouble for Mr. Curry, the kids watch movies on David's Upad, the adults (excluding Steve, Joe and Mr. Gruber) find a hotel while Paddington and Mr. Gruber have their elevenses and that concludes the plane trip

Act 3: Fancy Hotel[]

After leaving the airport the gang head for the hotel where the gang are separated into rooms however the last


room contains a bed which Beavis,Butthead and Mr. Curry reluctantly take

  1. Paddington/David
  2. Steve/Joe
  3. Mr. Brown/Mrs. Brown
  4. Mr. Gruber/Ms. Bird
  5. Mr. Curry/Beavis/Butthead
  6. Jonathan/Judy