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Mr. Curry locked in the shed by Beavis

The Browns' mean and bad-tempered next-door neighbour, who serves as a contrast to Mr Gruber. He addresses Paddington simply as "Bear!" Penny-pinching by nature, Mr Curry always wants something for nothing and often persuades Paddington to run errands for him. He tends to invite himself to many of the Browns' special occasions just to sample the snacks. In most of the stories, he gets his comeuppance as a frequent victim of Paddington's misadventures; however, he does sometimes benefit from Paddington's mistakes and has even rewarded him for them on occasion, He is Beavis and Butthead's uncle.


  • His first name is Reginald
  • His mother affectionally called him "Snookum Wookums"
  • His house uses gas instead of electricity
  • Beavis and Butthead are his nephews